Six Bricks Advance Training

Course Outline

The Advanced SIX BRICKS Certificate Course covering SIX BRICKS levels 3 & 4 is designed for participants who have already completed hands-on SIX BRICKS Certificate Training at Levels 1 & 2 and is designed to build on and advance SIX BRICKS knowledge and practice.

Revisit the SIX BRICKS Move and Learn and B Line MATS and some of the basic movements before proceeding to explore and practise creative and advanced ways to use these MATS and other SIX BRICKS Mats to focus on a range of areas including spatial, memory, partnering and Maths concepts from basic to advanced. 

Course Objectives

-Build on SIX BRICKS activities covered in Levels 1 & 2 and practice exciting new SIX BRICKS activities across a range of developmental domains and their respective skills areas

– Use a practice and design lab approach to co-create/design, test and share SIX BRICKS activities that support specific areas of the curriculum.

At the end of Advance Level, 

You will be on designing your own Activity Mats, story based activities and games with six bricks. 

Come with your contexts and audience in mind, we bring the learning to application and synthesis level to emerge fully a well-facilitated practitioner

Our LEGO Courses

We use LEGO as a unique and fun play modality to facilitate skills upgrade and reskilling for adults. Critical core skills are expected of all job roles in every workplace, and are essential to help us think critically, interact with others, adapt, learn and grow. We advocate learning through play via a variety of LEGO workshops and trainings; specially curated for your professional development.

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