Cognitive Training Program

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This programme is designed to significantly improve cognitive functions in individuals by stimulating the brain in key areas such as visual, auditory, spatial orientation, depth perception, so as to improve core cognitive skills including attention, concentration, comprehension, perception, memory, reasoning, and processing speed through a guided process of multi-sensory stimulation.

The program is based on research and positive evidence demonstrating the benefits of activities that develop cognitive functions. It is suitable for a wider range of beneficiaries from autistic, Down, ADD, children with learning difficulty, active-agers, as well as PLWD with mild to intermediate dementia with the versatility of the activity cards.

These interactive activities cards span a series of levels of increasing difficulty, beginning with simple one brick activity cards to more complex six bricks activities over a course of 10 weeks under the facilitation of professionally trained facilitators.


We provide cognitive training for care professionals who may want to use cards for your own tailored activity program.

It is highly engaging, fun and supports social interaction amongst children and adults. Explore this innovative learning tool for your beneficiary.

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