Six Bricks Certified Training

Six Bricks!

Our 6 Bricks Level 1 and 2 Certified Trainings are SkillsFuture Credit claimable for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents

What is Six Bricks

Develop these Executive Functions

6B 1

Build these Developmental Areas

Six Brick Levels

Six Bricks Level 1 Certified Training

You will be introduced to this impactful hands-on tool called SIX BRICKS. Explore how versatile, scalable, dynamic, creative, and easy to use this tool.

These courses are endorsed by Care for Education and powered by LEGO Foundation, and now accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore.

They are 1-Day training for individuals who aspire to learn a new play modality to enhance their interaction with their children, teenagers, students, elderly parents or clients, and experience for themselves how important Play is and how Six Bricks can impact the holistic development of children in their developmental domains and executive functions. Join us for an authentic experience through movement, laughter and reflection.

*Funding by WSQ for companies sponsored

Six Bricks Level 2 Certified Training

At this level, you will further explore more complex and collaborative six brick activities which require  creativity, teamwork and problem-solving 

Duration: 7 hours

*Requires completion of L1

*Funding by WSQ for companies sponsored

Six Bricks Advance Certified Training

In Level 3-4 of this advanced module, we will walk through the Movement Mat and B-Mat activities in greater details. The Six Bricks tool can also be used with this lined A3 MAT, which can be used horizontally or vertically. You will experience some examples of activities  that will help to develop awareness of colour, number, direction, position; spatial awareness & reasoning; visual, auditory & tactile discrimination & memory; working memory; cognitive flexibility; inhibitory control. The Movement Mat is particularly a great introduction to logic, decoding & map-reading,

Participants will experience a day of games and utter playful stimulation while being able to use this impactful modality in their own respective fields of specialty.  With this level, participants are poised for the Facilitator Training. 

Duration: 8 hours

*Requires completion of L1 and L2

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Six Bricks is one of the LEGO Foundation’s tools to introduce learning through play in different settings. 

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