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This is an experiential Level 2 training is suitable for participants who work with children in early childhood; learners with difficulties in speech and psychomotor skills; patients in elderly daycare centers or children in before-after school care centres, or for any adult learners who want to learn another creative modality in their course of work.

PlayBox workshop works with a variety of LEGO bricks and elements. This workshop focuses on Whole Child Developmental activities that anyone who receives the Play Box would be able to run with a group of children.

These back-to-basic activities that are suitable for 5+ years old, but it is easy to down / upscale any of them. We will explore a list of the developmental areas and skills through a range of curated activities.

These short activities seek to address hand muscle training, body coordination, as well as well facilitating communication, collaboration and problem solving. You will be guided with simple Bricks to build simple tasks, share, listen, and learn a new modality to enhance the quality of learning.

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DUPLO PlayBox Skills

To be a practitioner of Duplo Playbox, you will experience first-hand the element of play and made aware of self and interaction with others. At the end of the course, you are empowered to use this modality in developing the critical domains in learning – . The activities that will be explained and demonstrated in this training course are designed to develop and enhance learner’s

  • Perceptual skills
  • Language skills
  • Numeracy skills
  • Executive functions
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Self-Regulations
  • Interdisciplinary thinking
  • Working memory and attention span

Through highly-facilitated discussions throughout the entire hands-on course, participants will explore in specific ways how Duplo bricks could be used for their own target audience.

There will be a focused discussion where you bring your needs to the group. As part of an assessment, participant will design and conduct a simple Six Brick activity to the group. Be future-workplace ready with such a creative time!

Our LEGO Courses

We use LEGO as a unique and fun play modality to facilitate skills upgrade and reskilling for adults. Critical core skills are expected of all job roles in every workplace, and are essential to help us think critically, interact with others, adapt, learn and grow. We advocate learning through play via a variety of LEGO workshops and trainings; specially curated for your professional development.

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