Six Bricks Level 2 Certified Training

Course Outline

This Level 2 course is the rite of passage for those who have completed Six Bricks Level 1 Certified Training. It is pegged to the Curriculum and Methodology set by Care for Education using hands-on approach, discussion, reflection, demonstration and application on their immediate beneficiary. At Level 2, we explore more socio-emotional group activities that are extended from Level 1. Participants are taken into a play arena with Level 2 activities which are highly stimulating for cognitive, physical, and social development. More team games and problem solving activities are designed using this set of bricks.


SkillsFuture Claimable

Course Objectives

– Gain a deeper understanding of Six Bricks

– Understand Whole Child Development

– Experience a wider range of Six Bricks activities covering on socio-emotional, problem-solving, collaboration and team building

– Able to conduct Six Bricks Level 2 activities

– Able to design a range of more cognitively challenging activities that suit your target audience

Our LEGO Courses

We use LEGO as a unique and fun play modality to facilitate skills upgrade and reskilling for adults. Critical core skills are expected of all job roles in every workplace, and are essential to help us think critically, interact with others, adapt, learn and grow. We advocate learning through play via a variety of LEGO workshops and trainings; specially curated for your professional development.

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