Six Bricks Advanced Certified Training


Understand the value of play
Understand Whole Child Development
Experience a wider range of Six Bricks activities in physical, cognitive, socio-emotional domains
Able to conduct Six Bricks advanced level game activities
Advanced B-Maths and Movement Mat Activities
Able to design a range of more cognitively challenging activities that suit your target audience
Enjoy being playful

For those who wish to upgrade their skills, knowledge or competency in early childhood education, student care, elderly care, youth program, or social services, or career transit, or be a volunteer in these sectors, as well as a care giver to a child or an elderly at home, they will find this course impactful, nurturing, and versatile for any social contexts.

More importantly, Six Bricks address the Core Critical Skills such as thinking creatively and critically, interacting with others, and staying relevant as well as many of the transferable soft skills needed across sectors and industries.

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Ardent English Learners does not accept refunds for any bookings/registration of any Six Bricks courses regardless of the reason, once payment is made. If you are unable to make it for the course you registered and paid for, contact us 7 working days in advance and we will provide you with an alternative course run date. (The date that we provide would be based on what is most convenient for AEL).

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