How Important are Adult Playdates For Companies in Singapore?

Adults Playing With Lego Pieces


The words “adult” and “playdate” usually don’t go together, but more people are slowly realising that this combination is possible. Learning through play is a teaching method now making its way from classrooms to companies since the people who enjoy its benefits aren’t just limited to children. 

This rise of this particular teaching method is also why adult playdates in companies in Singapore and worldwide are becoming essential. It’s no secret that the workplace is a fast-paced environment filled with tough decisions that come with tougher consequences. 

It is generally a good idea to strengthen coworkers’ bonds through play without the pressure associated with it; that’s why adult playdates are an excellent option for a team-building activity. 

If you want to know how essential adult playdates are for companies in Singapore, read the article to find out.   

What is The Importance of Playdates For Companies in Singapore?

Studies show that a staggering 92% of working adults in Singapore experience stress. To put it in perspective, for every ten employees, only one doesn’t experience it. While stress is unavoidable in adult life, its effects can be lessened through various activities. 

One such activity is playdates, and while it sounds more ideally suited for students, it has a lot of benefits for adults as well. If you’re wondering why this particular method is effective and essential, here are the reasons why: 

  1. It Reduces Stress
Man Stressed Out From Work


As briefly discussed earlier, stress is the number one enemy of adults. You might appear unaffected by it, but if you’re experiencing it, your mind and your judgements are cloudy, leading you to make mistakes at work or home.  

We aim to avoid these mistakes by engaging in a fun and wholesome activity that will not only allow you to develop many soft skills but also reduce your stress significantly. It’s no secret that playing is fun, so by going on playdates, you are learning and reducing your stress at the same time. 

  1. Develop Communication Skills
Colleagues Communicating


No man is an island. This saying rings true regarding adult life. We are required to work with others at work or even at home sometimes, and if we do not develop our communication skills, it will be hard to achieve our goals. 

Playdates allow us to develop our communication skills since there are programs specifically designed for us to work together and communicate more efficiently. Using tools like Legos or other toys that encourage creativity and communication, we can express our thoughts better, enabling us to function better at work or at home. 

  1. It Sharpens Problem-solving and Decision-making
Cartoon Of A Woman Engaging In Problem Solving


We often face situations where quick decisions need to be made at work. Whatever your job may be, it is highly beneficial for you and the company if you are prepared for these situations. Perhaps you are looking for a promotion or just looking to help your company get ahead of the competition; if you can make quick decisions, you will be an asset to any company you’re in. 

Playdates under the guidance of Lego education allow you to hone these skills. There are activities where you need to build a bridge using Lego pieces, and this is a perfect example of learning through playing since your quick decisions will be the ones guiding the success of your Lego bridge. 

  1. It Develops Self-Regulation
“To Be Self-Sufficient” Written On A Post-It Note


Being self-sufficient at work is a huge plus in the eyes of the higher-ups. Supervisors will not always be around to guide every employee; that’s why being able to manage your time on your own is an essential skill to learn. 

Engaging in playdates using Lego pieces as a teaching tool allows people to learn self-sufficiency. While these pieces might look simple at first glance, they teach you to be independent and learn stuff on your own. By allowing learners to discover things for themselves, they are also being taught how to be independent and not rely too much on hand-holding to progress. 

  1. It Enhances Productivity
A Man Being Productive


Companies pay their workers for the things they bring to the table, contributing to the company’s revenue. While it’s true that the process is sometimes more important than results, you still have to deliver on time. These areas are all governed by your productivity or ability to get things done within the allotted time. 

Lego education, the primary teaching method at these playdates, aims to make the learners see the fun in the process so that the results will take care of themselves. Suppose each participant learns to appreciate the inner workings of their job, as exhibited by how enjoyable the process of building lego pieces is. In that case, they will become more productive and excited to work. 

Why Would I Want to Engage in Playdates in Singapore? 

Going back to the earlier point, adults simply don’t engage in playdates since these activities are reserved for children. But, as discussed earlier, the stress levels for adults in Singapore are through the roof, so an outlet is needed. 

Unfortunately, most adults turn to alcohol or other harmful activities to relieve stress, and while these activities offer a momentary escape, they might cause problems in the long run. If you are looking for a healthier and more wholesome way to relieve your stress, then that is what playdates offer. 

Adults Working Together To Form A Lego Bridge


Furthermore, studies show many benefits of play for adults, and the stigma of playing being closely associated with children should be gone. Playing is for every age, and it teaches us skills that we wouldn’t otherwise get anywhere else. Here are some of the benefits playing provides adults: 

  • Relieves stress
  • Develops creativity 
  • Enhances social skills 
  • Allows adults to feel young 
  • It helps improve mental health 

Team-building events already utilise various forms of playing as their activities, so it’s not outside of the realm of possibility to give Lego education a try for your following team-building schedule. 

Ardent English Learners Offers Adult Playdates in Singapore

These are the fantastic benefits you can enjoy when engaging in adult playdates. This activity also proves to be highly effective in companies in Singapore since it’s a fun and educational activity that teaches adults the necessary skills to thrive within their company. 

Ardent English Learners encourages these activities for adults since we know the importance of learning through play. We believe that you can never be too old to play and that the skills you learn from these classes are things you’ll carry with you for a long time. 

If you want to know more about our playdates for children and adults, click here. You can also explore our website to learn more about our methodology and other services. Inquiries are also welcome, and you can contact us here.

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