How The Learn Through Play Method Teaches Us Important Life Skills

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Growing up, we believed that learning and playing are two different areas of life. One is equivalent to discovery and is often associated with the classroom, and the other is usually associated with free time and having fun. 

Learn through play is a teaching method that merges these two ideas to create a learning environment free from the pressures of the typical classroom setting. Sometimes, pressure can get to the students when they know their grades are at stake; removing this high-stakes factor can lead to better learning and more efficiency at school. 

If you are wondering how this learn through play method inculcates these necessary life skills in our children or adult learners, read the article to find out. 

Skills That The Learn Through Play Method Teaches Us

Children are naturally inclined to play; even as adults, we still retain that desire for fun. This inclination towards having fun is the basis of this teaching method since no matter how old we get, fun is something we do not shy away from. 

That said, here are the skills that we can discover through this revolutionary teaching method: 

  1. Independence
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Being independent is a soft skill that will prove vital when a child grows up. If a child didn’t develop this skill early on, it would manifest itself through different problems during their adult lives. 

Learning through play allows children or adults to choose whatever piece they want to work with, instilling a sense of independence. This method is the opposite of what they practice in regular classrooms, where they abide by specific rules that can feel restricting to the learners. 

  1.  Adaptability
A Tablet Displaying The Word “Adaptability”


One of the constant things in life is change, which we have to face regardless of our age or situation. We must adapt to changes constantly since every time we make a choice, changes are sure to follow. 

However, some people might have difficulties adjusting to changes, so this is where this teaching method comes in. Playing allows us to adapt to different situations without feeling the looming repercussions of our actions. We can engage in trial and error in a stress-free environment and learn without worrying about real-life consequences. 

  1. Social Skills
Happy Children Covered In Paint


Being able to socialise is something that we have to develop early on. We often see the effects of not being able to develop this skill on adults who find it hard to work with others or try to avoid socialising entirely. 

Human beings are social animals, and no matter what your personality is, there is still a need to address our need to socialise. By using play to teach children or adults, they will develop their socialisation skills in a relaxed environment, which they can take with them when they grow up or return to their jobs. 

  1. Critical Thinking
Cartoon Illustration Of A Man Thinking


Critical thinking is one of those skills that are hard to measure, but you will immediately know that it’s there when you see it exhibited by an individual. This skill is also one of the most necessary skills a person needs to have since every decision we make should be guided by this principle. 

Playing cultivates critical thinking, from deciding which toy or playground piece to use to how one utilises these toys or pieces. Furthermore, when you play with other people, finding creative ways to enjoy playing also hones this skill. 

Essential Elements of Learn Through Play Method

While playing doesn’t have to be confined to strict rules, various elements still make up this type of learning method. These components ensure that the learning is maximised while minimising the possibility of making it too strict. 

That said, here are the essential elements of the learn through play method: 

  1. Free-flowing
A Man Stacking Lego Pieces On Top Of Each Other


The most essential element of this teaching method is the absence of any strict guidelines. Playing should be fun, and it should be left to the participants what they want to do with the toys or venue they have for playing. 

This free-flowing nature also allows the learners to discover things for themselves and not rely on anyone giving them orders. While it’s helpful to have guidance on many things, it’s also good to let the learners discover things for themselves, which is what a free-flowing element does.

  1. Fun
Children Having Fun


It won’t be playing if it isn’t fun. Fun is the foundation of this teaching method, allowing for a relaxed and stress-free environment. No matter your age, you are affected by varying degrees of pressure; that’s why it’s essential to be in a fun learning environment where mistakes are not punished, and everyone is learning at their own pace. 

  1. Process Focused
The Word “Process” Written Using A Marker


Much of adult life is focused on getting results, so learning from experience or the process is thrown aside. The learn through play method focuses more on the process than results since the process can also prove to be educational. This method also encourages making mistakes since it is through these mistakes that we can learn many things. 

  1. Driven By Imagination
Representation Of A Child’s Imagination


Our imagination is one of the things that sadly fades away when we grow up. The fast-paced nature of adult life doesn’t allow for much daydreaming, suppressing our creative imagination. 

Children and adults alike are encouraged to exercise this skill during lessons since imagination can be a powerful tool at work and in everyday life. 

Most of the crucial innovations that we get to experience come from tiny sparks of inspiration and imagination; that’s why it’s good to encourage people to get in touch with this aspect. 

Ardent English Learners Encourages You To Learn Through Play

These are the skills that we learn through this revolutionary teaching method. You should always try to get in touch with your inner child if you’re an adult or enjoy your youth if you’re a child, and through this learning style, you will get to do just that. 

Ardent English Learners specialises in letting our students learn through play. Whether you’re an adult or a child, we allow your imagination to run wild and create a suitable environment for you to learn without feeling pressured. 

If you want to know more about our services, feel free to browse our website. You can also contact us here

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