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How The Revolutionary Lego Education Sharpens The Minds of Students

These days, we can never truly rely on hard skills alone to get us through our workplace. Soft skills are also required so we can thrive and encounter no issues at work. While IQ will help us with our problem-solving abilities, the role of EQ is just as important. 

LEGO education helps us develop our soft skills and our EQ by letting us figure things out for ourselves and with a group. This method is called a self-directed learning process that eliminates the need for spoon-feeding or constant hand-holding throughout the lesson. 

If you’re wondering how LEGO education helps sharpen the students’ minds, read the article to find out. 

The Positive Effects Of LEGO Education

The classroom and workplace are similar in cultivating learning and collaboration. However, you might know someone who finds it hard to work with others or communicate what they want to accomplish, creating a rift between the team or the classroom. In that case, they could benefit from LEGO education. 

But the factors mentioned earlier are just scratching the surface of the positive effects of this learning method. Here is a detailed discussion of the impact of LEGO education:

1. It Cultivates Problem Solving and Decision Making

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A man solving problems in his mind

We all have different reactions when we are faced with various problems in the classroom or workplace. Some buckle under pressure, while others rise to the top and take control of the situation. 

If you would like to develop these leadership skills of problem-solving and decision-making, then this learning method is the way to go. By letting the students solve what are essentially puzzles, you are giving them the confidence to tackle various problems they might encounter at work or school. 

2. It Teaches Adaptability

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Picture of a typewriter writing the word “adaptability”

One beautiful thing about life is that there are no two similar problems, allowing us to constantly be on our toes and ready to adapt to any situation. However, some people find it hard to do just that. Some people have gotten used to being by the book and following the rules that they panic when faced with these changes. 

Using LEGO as a learning tool, you can cultivate a sense of adaptability to a learner. While there are clear-cut guidelines on how specific models should be made, this learning type does not punish straying away from the norm.

3. It Encourages Collaboration


A handshake

Collaboration is also something that we should learn from an early age. The workplace or classroom is filled with people from different walks of life, which means you get a wide variety of personalities in one room. Sometimes, this could be too much for one person, but it’s never too late to develop this skill. 

Learning through group sessions using LEGO pieces cultivates collaboration with other people and adjusting to their individualities. This activity will allow everyone to express their takes on the matter, developing self-confidence. 

4. It Develops Leadership Capabilities

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The word “leadership” is written using a marker

Everyone has an innate leadership capability; it just varies on how willing a person is to step up and take charge. While it’s true that our personalities dictate our predilection toward this skill, it’s not impossible to see an introvert take charge of a group. 

Learners can exercise their leadership capabilities by working with others and using LEGOs as a learning tool. Having a relaxed environment and taking the pressure out of the equation also helps teach this skill without being in high-pressure and high-risk situations like one could encounter at work or school. 

4 Amazing LEGO Education Courses

While it’s easy to chalk up LEGO pieces as toys for children, many things can be learned by collaborating with others to construct a much larger piece. This collaboration is the central theme that these courses follow, and they aim to develop a wide variety of soft skills among the participants.  

Since “learning through play” is the central theme of this type of education, everything is light and easy to understand. However, the lessons you will learn are anything but, since they can have a lasting impact on the learners. 

Here are the LEGO courses associated with this type of learning: 

  1. Six Bricks
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Various LEGO pieces coming together to form a larger piece

As its name suggests, Six Bricks uses six LEGO bricks each for all participants, encouraging collaboration with other learners to form a larger piece. This lesson is designed to develop teamwork and leadership skills since it requires you to work together with other people to achieve a common goal. 

This lesson is broken into three levels, with increasing difficulty and complexity. Six Bricks is a good lesson for those working with children or elderly clients, teenagers, and just about any age group where teamwork is required since they can impart these lessons to their students and experience the benefits for themselves. 

  1. DUPLO Play and Learn

DUPLO piece

DUPLO Play and Learn is a lesson suitable for those who work with children 5 years old and above. However, the tasks can be adjusted to cater to younger learners. This lesson aims to teach child educators the wonders of learning while playing. 

By using these LEGO pieces, you are creating a relaxed learning environment for the children. This lesson also targets a wide variety of soft skills like perceptual skills, language skills, problem-solving, creative thinking, and more. 

  1. LEGO Classic
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LEGO pieces used for storytelling

This lesson is suitable for teachers who cater to children, and this is designed to teach the students a wide variety of things, people, and situations they might find themselves in. Staying true to the mantra of “learning through play”, these lessons are divided into three categories: storytelling, LEGO ABC, and community builder. 

Storytelling focuses on creating various scenarios that utilise different LEGO pieces. This lesson encourages students to use creativity and listening skills to further each story. Community builder teaches students the different roles of people within society through the creative use of LEGO pieces. 

Lastly, LEGO ABC is an introductory lesson that teaches pre-schoolers the skills they need to thrive at school. 

  1. Playdate Workshops
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Playdates aren’t just for children since adults can also benefit from these activities. This lesson focuses on working together with other people to achieve a specific goal. No man is an island, so the famous saying goes, and this activity exemplifies the power of working together. 

One example of teamwork being the main focus of this activity is where the participants are required to build a bridge using LEGO pieces. This bridge is tested to see if it can withstand heavy objects by placing different items on top. 

The goal is to work with others to make a sturdy and safe bridge made out of LEGOs, developing communication and teamwork skills. 

Ardent English Learners is Your Go-to Place for Your LEGO Education Needs

Here are the positive effects of LEGO education on the student’s minds. LEGO pieces aren’t just for children anymore since they allow for developing soft skills required in the workplace in a much more relaxed environment. 

Ardent English Learners offer all of the LEGO education lessons mentioned above. We are committed to creating a learning environment where playing and discovering new things are the same. You can check out the reviews from our satisfied partners here.
If you want to know more about our other services, feel free to browse our website. You can also read other interesting articles here.

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