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Stage 1: Model building with bricks and elements, sharing their models, and listening to others. This Build-&-Share promotes planning, organizing of ideas, and listening to others’ stories. This pre-writing interaction enhances learners’ social, emotional, and psychological development in making sense of themselves and their world.

Stage 2: Process and write their first draft guided by Six BRICKS to break down the BEGINNING-MIDDLE-END components, to better organize the flow of their composition. This helps to increase working memory and attention before writers deviate from their original plan and end up rushing off their conclusion without adhering to the beginning of their story.

Stage 3:  Writers will edit their work with close awareness of their plot, making necessary changes to the logical consistency as their working memory holds out. By this stage, they will delve further into developing characterization using narrative techniques in organizing their paragraphs; polish up with literary devices to enhance the elegance of language used through the writing.

Sessions: 20 sessions
Duration: 2 hours per session

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Our Other Primary English Classes!

Play is the ‘work’ of children. Through play, children develop their core learning skills. This series of playdates provide

Let’s move: Activities that encourage the children to move their bodies

Brain boosters: Practicing problem-solving and concentration through fun activities 

Imagine and create: Sparking children’s imagination and creativity 

Time to reflect: Reflection, thinking and exploring emotions 

Working together: Learning to collaborate in pairs and groups

To know more about the program, click find out more.

In our phonics and phonology, we cover the following areas to improve pronunciation, word decoding, and spelling

  • Awareness of phonemic awareness
  • Decoding/recoding skills
  • Rhyming words
  • Word building
  • Reading for meaning
  • Sentence completion
  • Using words in context, 
  • Open-sentence writing
  • Consonant Blends
  • Digraphs and Advanced Phonics

The English curriculum for Primary school is focused on six key areas – Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Grammar, and Vocabulary.

Each area demands multiple skills. Each skill is developed through deliberate facilitation via a systematic approach to bridge the learning gap a learner has.


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