Future-Proof, Workplace-Ready: Creative Problem Solving & Decision-making


1) Explore different perspectives of looking at the same issues
2) Evaluate solution paths
3) Able to articulate the process of choosing a solution based on your judgement of situation, facts, knowledge or a combination of available data
4) Trigger the ability to dive deeper in self reflection in solving a problem
5) Awareness of emotions in dealing with stress
6) Communicating clearly to a buddy
7) Strengthening memory
8) Self care



3.5 hours

Min 4, Max 10

Ardent English Learners does not accept refunds for any bookings/registration of any Six Bricks courses regardless of the reason, once payment is made. If you are unable to make it for the course you registered and paid for, contact us 7 working days in advance and we will provide you with an alternative course run date. (The date that we provide would be based on what is most convenient for AEL).


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