Cognitive Training Cards

How does CTPD work ?


CTPD activity cards are designed to stimulate the brain to reduce memory loss, and improve core cognitive skills including attention, concentration, comprehension, perception, memory, reasoning, and processing speed

CTPD activity cards include 500 interactive activities that span a series of levels of increasing difficulty, beginning with simple one brick activity cards to more complex six bricks activities.

We provide cognitive training for care professionals who may want to use cards for your own tailored activity program.

It is advisable to be equipped with Six Bricks Level 1 and Level 2 training.

Write to us for your customised training at


510  pieces of A6-coloured laminated Cards 


@S500 plus $15 standard delivery within domestic  (Normal retail $450 ) 


 Training to use the Cognitive Training Cards will be conducted separately.


Training @ individual and organisation ( 2-hours online complimentary or  in-person @$100 per person)


Write in to us @ info@ardentenglish, for your online or in-person training request

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