This Level 1 is a 1-day course designed to engage participants with short activities which focus on hand muscle training and body coordination. You will be guided to build simple tasks, share, listen, and learn a new modality to enhance the quality of learning.

You will experience the element of play in developing the critical domains in learning. The activities that will be explained and demonstrated in this training course are designed to develop children’s

    • Perceptual skills
    • Language skills
    • Numeracy skills
    • Executive functions
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Working memory and attention span

Besides a whole repertoire of hands-on Through facilitated discussions throughout the course, you will explore in specific ways how this versatile, and scalable tool could be used for your own audience.

You will receive a training package which include materials and activity cards.

Learning Outcomes for Level 1:  (SKILL, KNOWLEDGE, COMPETENCIES)

    1. Understand what is SIX BRICKS
    2. Understand the importance of play
    3. Understand what the importance of executive functions
    4. Experience a set of basic Six Bricks activities
    5. Able to conduct simple Six Bricks activities
    6. Understand the concept of playful learning through this set of basic activities
    7. Able to design a range of basic activities that suit your target audience
    8. Enjoy being playful

With this course,

    1. Become a play advocate and a Six Brick practitioner in your fields
    2. Design curriculum to suit target audience in your area of needs
    3. Enhance the learning outcomes of your target audience
    4. Learn a new play modality as a Play Therapist
    5. Join the community and be a Six Brick Trainer

Course Pre-requisite:

    1. Basic English Proficiency
    2. Willingness to play
    3.  Mandatory to progress the course from Level 1, to Level 2 and Advance.

Detailed Course Write Up:

ComponentsContent for LEVEL 1
Ice Breaker – 15minsHigh 5 Greeting
Introduction- 1 hourWhat is 6 Bricks?
 Executive Function  & Development Areas
Workshop Activities – 
1 hoursTactile Activity
 How do we learn?
 Colour Fun
 Favourite Colours
 Listen & Do
Tea-Break (15min) 
Workshop Activities – 1hrMove Your Body
 Blind Build
 Tricky Tower
 Topsy Towers
 Remember it
 More Memory Games
Lunch Break (1hr) 
 Cover it (Use dice)
 Moving Around Mat
 Crossing the B-Line Mat
Tea-Break (15min) 
Assessment (1hr)Focused Group Discussion and Design of Task
Evaluation (1hr)Presentation of Assignment
Feedback (15min)Sharing and Survey
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