Ardent English Learners is a niche English Language Specialist Centre. It aims to aid individual learners with personalised English Programs. We work with both young and adult learners who want to improve their general proficiency or those who need to address a specific learning difficulty.

Here in this learning support centre, learners will be introduced to strategies in improving in word recognition, short term memory; be equipped with phonics and phonetics knowledge to improve spelling and reading. Learners will become more confident in speaking and writing. Through Harvard WideWorld researched-based teaching approach -Teaching for Understanding - all learners will be prepared for any situation which demands them to communicate effectively and to think critically for the 21st Century.

Learners are the core of the business Curriculums ar e customised to be individualistic Pr ocess driven learning that is fun and enjoyable


Students of Ardent English Learners are confident English users who take ownership of their own learning.